Virus ・Bacteria Countermeasures Nano Platinum Spray
Platinum Veil

Everyday Cleanliness is OK with this one only ! !

Platinum Veil is the best for ”Antibacterial", ”Antiviral" and ”Deodorant"

-Effect 1: Antibacterial / Antiviral-
  Platinum Veil contains nano-platinum particles and is extremely effective in inactivating
harmful bacteria and viruses.

-Effect 2: Deodorant-
  It is characterized by its high deodorant effect as well as antibacterial and antiviral effects.

-How do you use it ?-
  You can use it by sprinkling it on your fingers, or you can spray it on furniture or doorknobs.
It can also be used for deodorizing and cleaning masks.

-How about sustainability?-
  A single spray lasts for about a week. Also, if you continue to spray, the effect will last longer.

-Is it safe ?-
  Compared to alcohol and chlorine, it has very little effect on the human body,
animals and plants, and is highly safe.

We are developing various product lineups according to the usage environment and usage.

50ml spray

It is a convenient size to carry.
Please bring it with you when you go out

100ml spray

Please use this one for all kinds of care at home.

500ml spray

Large capacity 500ml bottle.
It is ideal for business use.

Please use this for large-scale applications

20L Large capacity bottle
It is a large-capacity 20L bottle, so you can use it fully.

Since it is a substance that has very little effect on the human body, animals and plants, it is also ideal for coating on building materials.

Platinum Veil has been proven effective by reliable research institutes ! !
Please check this out for details